Company overview

Qonstech Construction Corp. is Corporation with its principal, Arch. Antonio D. Villanueva Jr., this  Construction Firm provides Project Packaging Services catering private and government units throughout the country with a diverse range of projects from residential, commercial, recreational, and industrial contracts.

With its bright vision, a 30 years experience, complete construction equipment and solid engineering team, Qonstech Construction Corp. has been involved in providing complete Construction Services such as Construction and Project Management which includes Architectural and Structural Works, Electrical Works, Plumbing/Sanitary Works, and Mechanical Works.

In constant pursuit to excellence in construction, Qonstech Construction Corp. has assembled a pool of creative architects, proactive and dedicated engineers, trained and disciplined construction workers to fulfill its mission of delivering the highest quality standards in any and all projects entrusted to them.

The firm actively promotes professionalism with the goal of providing quick and cost effective solutions for every specific project where the client needs shall be delivered with a competitive advantage in cost, time and quality.

Principal Activities

Our core business activities are

• The complete Construction of VERTICAL STRUCTURES such as Commercial Buildings, Warehouses, Residential Buildings, Recreational Facilities, and Industrial projects
• Site Development Works such as building layout and orientation, site grading, drainage system, water system.
• Sewage Treatment Facilities ( Biogas Project).

Business Strategy

We aim to be a premier one-stop builder of modern structures/buildings by offering customers our construction and project management capabilities from architectural, civil and structural works, electrical, plumbing, and mechanical works. We intend to enhance and cultivate new technologies towards current design and methodologies in construction to improve our services even more to meet the emerging challenge in the building industry. We rely our revenue and profit in the delivery of quality buildings with the three main points we focus on: efficiency, functionality, and durability.

Our Competitive Strengths

    Our customer base ranges from small to large-size enterprises. From single detached house to complex industrial structures, we assure quality work on a specified time frame.
    In the past 30 years we have successfully completed and commissioned projects with the highest quality and efficiency.
    Our professionals and consultants have work experience ranging from 5 to 30 years , our construction group has a 5 to 30 years experience and has a good understanding of building standards, specifications and local codes. Our workmen have undertake safety training and product seminars.
    We believe we are able to provide our clients value-added services and competitive cost on their project. With the advantage of cumulative experience, whether technical or in project management, our staff are equipped to successfully undertake projects entrusted to them
    We have the ability to provide a complete range of services from consultation and construction of horizontal and vertical projects, site developments, and maintenance services for our completed projects.